Multiple Sclerosis - Information Dividend

MS-ID Project Coordinator: European Multiple Sclerosis Platform


General information:
Funded by: EC Public Health Programme, Call 2006
Project Leader: Christoph Thalheim
EC Contribution: EUR 505771.40
Duration: 33 months

The project aims to enhance equity of treatment, access thereto and quality of services for EU citizens affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).
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MS-ID is about information on MS and the benefit to be reaped from it. At present in Europe there is very little data gathered about MS, its incidence, who is affected by it, who is taking what drugs as treatment, how MS impacts on the lives of people who are diagnosed, what it results in for their participation in the labour market, what additional supports does the State provide and need to provide for people with MS. In order to better understand the impact of MS, we have to know the effects it brings to society at large.


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This project Multiple Sclerosis - the Information Dividend (MS-ID), has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Public Health Programme.